Housing Raso Nevero

Nine residential building developed on two floors and attic recessed, with a basement devoted to parking and storage rooms and ground floor for commercial premises.

Access to housing is located at the northern end of the facade along with the joint ownership and from vertical communication core formed by stairs and elevator service is given to a housing on the first floor and the other in attic, developing Access to the remaining dwellings around the rear yard of the building in its corresponding plant.


Residential Leguario Sur

It consists of a six-storey building, (low plus five), cover flat and a cellar dedicated to parking, storage rooms and the necessary facilities room.  

The plot has three pedestrian access, located in the southern Leguario Calle Pablo Neruda, Avenue and in the street "k", new layout, that allow access to the inside of the plot and all the portals.   

159 homes all are developed in the floors above ground.    


Residential Leguario Norte

 This is a L-shaped building whose core communications provisions have been made in the axis of symmetry in such a manner as to reduce as much as possible the routes of access to housing.

The twelve houses are totally exterior with facade to the street and the courtyard of block.